SSL Certificate

Secure Your Website Using SSL and HTTP/2

When you are searching for web hosting for your website, you need to decide how important web security is to you. In particular, you can choose to work with a service that will help you with SSL and HTTP/2. It is worth it. Investing in secure hosting could help you ensure the success of your business online.

SSL Certificate

What are SSL and HTTP/2?

The secure socket layer is a technology that creates encrypted connections between your web hosting server and visitor’s browsers. That prevents any cybercriminals from being able to read the messages sent back and forth between the client and the server.

Hypertext transfer protocol 2 (HTTP/2) is an updated version of HTTP, the standard used by websites to send their contents to user’s computers for display. HTTP/2 improves on the performance of the previous version and also has enhanced support for SSL encryption.

Why is Secure Hosting Important?

When people visit your website, they may be entering private information. Using SSL and HTTP/2, you can help to ensure that their sensitive details aren’t exposed to an unwanted party. The privacy and security of your website users should be a top priority and these two technologies help to achieve that.

Additionally, people feel more comfortable using websites with secure hosting. They are happy to see your SSL certificate, which shows that yours is a legitimate website and company. This will make them more likely to buy from you. Increasingly, browsers and search engines reward websites that practice good security. Using these technologies helps you to achieve your business goals.

Get Better Web Security With Genius Guard

We provide secure web hosting and remote protection services. These are some of the features of our SSL service that you can use with your Shared Hosting, Guard Hosting, or Remote Protection package: