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Affiliate Marketing

Start Earning an Unlimited Income

Here at our company, we give you the chance to earn a sizeable commission by referring others and getting a commission on their purchases. That allows you to make suitable profits and become an affiliate member with an established and respected company. We always look after affiliates and provide them with the best advantages that are available in the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Join our affiliate network and profit today.

The upside of a regular nine-to-five is that you can count on your paycheck every month. One downside is that it limits your income and to make more money at work, you will generally have to put in more hours. If you’re ready to supplement and even replace that income in the long run, we have the tools to help you achieve this through affiliate marketing for our web hosting company.

What The Perks Are?

When deciding to partner with us, it’s only natural that you might wonder what’s in it for you. We provide the following five benefits to make it worth your while:

Affiliate Marketing

How It Works?

There is a wealth of marketing channels available that you can capitalize on to send web hosting and DDoS protection customers to us. The most common way that marketers make money through our program is to use special affiliate links in website content, social media posts, or even email campaigns. These links provide tracking information that helps us identify who to attribute each successful conversion to.

You can also place more obvious ads on your website, such as professional banners. This is especially helpful if you run a website people turn to specifically for help with getting their websites up and running, migrating from built-in hosting platforms, and seeking hardcore website security.

Who Our Ideal Marketers Are?

We understand that marketers can leverage many different platforms for referrals, so we are more flexible than most when it comes to qualifying. Whether you make YouTube videos, dominate online techie forums, or run your own website, we would love to hear more about your platform and invite you to apply.

Are you ready to earn money on the side and build an unlimited income through our affiliate program? Submit your application today.