enhanced security tools for your website

Advanced Security

Protect Your Website Using Powerful Anti-Virus and Anti-Sheller

Digital technology is innovating and improving with every passing day, and end users benefit from that just as much as businesses do. But it is also getting more complex, and the challenges posed by malign actors are getting harder to ignore. From standard viruses to more complicated attacks like shell scripts and Trojan horses, there’s a lot out there to defend your business against. In some cases, the damage bill can run into the thousands or tens of thousands of pounds.

Prevention is the best cure, and here at Genius Guard our virus & shell scanner is on hand to help defend your firm against threats like these. Incoming materials, such as emails and especially email attachments, are run through our anti-virus and anti-sheller software on a daily basis to ensure that no malicious code can enter your system.

We have ensured that our global servers are primed to detect even the most subtle of attacks, so your business is in good hands. And by monitoring the web for the latest trends in virus, trojan, worm and shell script development, we remain one step ahead of cybercriminals – so you know you can always rely on us to help.

Your Space is Yours, Nobody Can touch it

These days, many businesses use shared hosting solutions to manage their digital resources. Cost-conscious firms often choose shared hosting services because they cost less to operate, and in some ways these services are more accessible and easier to set up and maintain than a whole private server.

But shared servers also come with an added set of security problems to contend with, especially when it comes to permissions. Shared servers come with an inherent risk of breached permissions – and as a business, it’s important to protect your files, paid-for storage resources and more from those who seek to steal or pry.

Permission restriction tools from Genius Guard can help in this regard. Our systems ensure that your shared hosting environments remain constantly secure, and that your firm’s private files and emails remain securely partitioned away from prying eyes – and that nobody tries to steal the server space that you have paid for.

We use CloudLinux™ technology to do this, and we also have our own in-house permission manager which solves file and folder-related permission problems automatically. And our tools can also protect those all-important script configuration files, too – so you can let us look after your server’s security while you get on with your work.

We Care About All Traffic, Even Layer 7

In the world of the modern web, attacks from malicious forces can appear at any time. Whether it’s a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack designed to stop your website functioning as normal or something more complex and unusual, you need to always be on your guard.

A web application firewall is designed to help your business defend itself and its web presence against these threats. At Genius Guard, we have developed a custom-built firewall that is designed to ramp your website’s security up to the next level – no matter what the threat might be.

We use a range of top-end technical tools as part of our firewall, all of which are cutting-edge in the world of Internet defence. Some of our tools, for example, defend you from HTTP floods, which is a variety of DDoS attacks that involve overloading a site with HTTP-related requests. Other varieties of attack that our firewall defends against include brute force attacks on passwords, XSS attacks involving malicious script, and more – while it can also stop remote file inclusion, local file inclusion and SQL injection attacks as well. And thanks to our IP2Location™ premium tool, your new firewall can also target bots.

An Extra Security For Layer 7

There are all kinds of bad forces out there just waiting to attack your website. From perpetrators of HTTP floods to automated malign robots programmed to bring down business sites for sinister purposes, there are all sorts of threats to take into account when building a defense strategy.

It’s true to say that there are lots of tools in existence which can defend against these problems, such as firewalls. But with attacks on websites now known to cause extensive financial, technical and reputational damage to businesses, it’s sometimes worth opting for an extra layer of defence. This is especially true if you operate a website which is especially vulnerable or critical in some way.

By opting for Genius Guard’s Pro Protection suite of products, you too can benefit from this additional layer of security – and consequent peace of mind. Our Pro Protection service can perform a number of advanced checks on those attempting to come to your site, including assessing their browsers for indicators like Javascript or cookie usage. From there it can go on to prevent attacks of various kinds, acting essentially like a screening service for your most valuable digital assets.

Control Your Website Traffic From Any Country

When you enable country blocking (also known as geo-blocking), you can restrict access to your website from certain countries. With DDoS attacks and other forms of cybercrime on the rise, you may wish to block single nations or a list of countries which you deem to be a threat. USA and China are considered to be the biggest sources of cyberattacks since 2009, but with geo-blocks in place, visitors won’t even be able to access your site, let alone break into it.

However, preventing malicious attacks isn’t the only reason you may wish to block IP addresses from certain countries. Some businesses only want to cater to a specific area, so traffic to their sites from other countries simply doesn’t make sense. Also, geo-blocking is useful if you only want a chosen audience, such as your employees, to access your website. Finally, if you’re finding that spam traffic from one country is impacting your analytics, you may wish to block this country in order to gain more accurate volume and conversion rates.

At Genius Guard, you can block every IP address in a specific country, and our IP database updates through Maxmind™ premium GeoIP service.