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Ultimate Security for Your Website

At our company the security is our high priority and we spend more on security stuff. Providing most secured and DDoS protected service to our clients is our goal and all of our services include most powerful security features.

Virus & Shell Scanner

The viruses, trojans, worms and shell scripts grow fast with technology and damage thousands dollar to most businesses, so having a secure business is today requirment. All of our servers equipped with latest and updated AntiVirus and AntiSheller that scan all files and emails for virus and shell script daily to make your website secure and hacker safe.

Permission Restriction

Restrict any user to its account is most important in shared hosting business, it could help in resource usage, file security, email security and other users feel better. In first part, we use CloudLinux™ to restrict any user to its environment, in second part, we use our own permission manager to auto fix incorrect files and folders permission and also adjust high secure permission to script config files.

Application Firewall

Our webserver includes our custom made Web Application Firewall to make your website most secure against all web based attacks. It could block any attacks and unauthorized access to your website includes following methods:

  • HTTP Flood
  • Brute Force
  • SQL Injection
  • XSS Attack
  • Local File Inclusion
  • Remote File Inclusion
  • Block Bad Bots Using IP2Location™ premium service