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Genius Guard offer highly professional DDoS protected hosting packages. We provide our clients with a wide range of DDoS protected hosting services to accommodate a variety of requirements from the computer beginner seeking DDoS protected hosting services, to the professional who is well versed in the ins and outs of DDoS protected hosting.

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Disk Bandwidth Firewall IP
1GB SSD Storage 500GB Bandwidth 10Gbps (6M PPS) DDoS Protection No Dedicated IP - No SSL Support
CPU Usage RAM Usage Entry Process Disk IO
1 Core Allocated CPU 2 GB Allocated RAM 60 Entry Processes 2 MB/S Disk IO
Park Domain Price
5 Parked - 0 Addon (Domains) 500 Emails/Hour $29.99/Month

Service Features

AntiVirus Cronjob Email Forwarder Webmail
Powerful AntiVirus Cronjob Email Forwarder Webmail Account
Subdomain FTP PHP MySql
Subdomain FTP Account Multiple PHP Version Mysql Database
PageSpeed Country Blocking Pro Protection Content Caching
PageSpeed Optimizer Country Blocking Pro Protection Content Caching
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